Things To Do

☼ Admire and learn about the identified specimens of trees, vines, and other plants (periodic guided trail tours offered, or conduct a self-guided tour).

 ☼ Walk or run with your dog, or with a friend or family member!  (SORRY — no motorized vehicle access to the trails)   Bicycles welcome!

☼ Adopt a section of the trails that meander through the 48+/- acre urban forest.   

☼ Picnic in our pecan grove, just west of the farmhouse.   (For group events, call (757)382-7060 to reserve the space.)   Please, no open flames anywhere on the Arboretum property!

☼ Discuss trees – selection, care, pruning, etc. – with Chesapeake’s Urban Forester.  His office is onsite!

☼ Find a spot to practice a favorite hobby such as photography, painting, poetry composition, geo-caching, tai-chi, bird-watching, tree-hugging.  

☼  Smell the roses — and the camellias, the irises, the rosemary, the dill,
even the compost!

☼ Appreciate this region’s agrarian heritage, as reflected by the Caleb Williamson Homestead headquarters, and contribute your expertise, time, material, etc. to restoration efforts at the Homestead 
☼ Sign up for one of our classes –  We are “Nature’s Classroom”

☼ Celebrate ARBOR DAY. 

☼ Support the Chesapeake Arboretum’s status as an Elizabeth River Project “RiverStar”,  doin’ right by the  Elizabeth River and the Chesapeake Bay.”   

☼ Join other area citizens in environmental educational outreach initiatives, both formal and informal.   

☼ Ask a Chesapeake Master Gardener just about anything you want to know about your lawn, flowerbeds, vegetable garden.

☼ Thrill at the immense variety of wildlife to be found in the Arboretum’s forest.   

☼ Dig in the dirt!  Our Homestead headquarters grounds are manicured by devoted volunteers who gather for horticultural diversion most Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9 a.m.  Call (757)382-7060 for details.

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