Tree of the Month

Every month we feature an in-depth look at a tree that can be found in the Chesapeake Arboretum. Below is our current month’s specimen along with links to all of our past months.  We applaud our Tree of the Month researchers, Chesapeake Master Gardeners/Arboretum Volunteers Extraordinaire, Ed and Linda Bradley.   

                                           November :  Baldcypress   
                                           October : Sweetgum
                                            September :  Blackgum
                                            August :  Sweetleaf
                                            July : Sourwood
                                            June :  American Elm
                                            May :  Virginia Stewartia
                                            April : Flowering Dogwood & Pink Dogwood
                                            March :  Pawpaw
                                            February : Red Maple
                                            January :  Sycamore

                                            December :  American Beech





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