The Chesapeake Arboretum trail system, color-blazed and wood-chip mulched throughout, encompasses approximately 45 acres and is some 3.5 miles (5.6 km) in total length.  It is maintained entirely by volunteers under the direction of the Board of Directors of the Chesapeake Arboretum, a non-profit volunteer group of interested and committed citizens.

White blazes = Central Loop
Yellow blazes = North Loop (Urban Forestry Trail)
Orange blazes = South Loop
Blue blazes = Lake Hughes side trail
Red blazes =  Native Tree Trail
Green blazes =  Camellia Cove side trail
Purple blazes = Native Woodland Garden

Three specialty self-guided walk brochures are available in a hard-copy format at our information kiosk.

Native Tree
Urban Forestry (“S.A.F.E.R.”)
Native Woodland Garden

A perennial stream (named “Starr Run” in recognition of the infrastructure contributions of Jack Starr) meanders throughout the trail system and is crossed by a total of 11 wooden bridges. Towards the southern end of the trail system is our Tree Propagation Nursery and Utilitrail directionsty Line Experimental Arboretum.

star run

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